Captive Honour текст

Madness comes and madness goes An insane place with insane moves Battles without for battles within Where evil lives and evil rules Breaking them up, just breaking them in Quickest way out, quickest relief wins Never disclose, never betray Cease to speak or cease to breathe And when you kill a man you're a murderer Kill many and you're a conqueror Kill them all and you're a God "Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, Have you reached a verdict?" "Yes, we have 'Your Honour', we find the defendant guilty On all counts for crimes against all humanity" "By virtue of the jury's decision and the power Vested in me by the state I hereby sentence you to be incarcerated With no possibility of parole for life" "Life? What do you mean life? I ain't got a life" "Boy, your soul better belong to Jesus! Hmmm-mmm, cause your ass belongs to me!" Captive honour, ain't no honour No time for questions No time for the games Start kicking ass And taking down the names A long shit list A shorter fuse He is untouchable And guarantees you'll lose Captive honour, ain't no honour Inside the bighouse His nightmare unfolds Before he got there His man-pussy was sold Black blanket welcome This tough guy's now a bitch Praying for death It can't be worse than this Captive honour, ain't no honour Captive honour, ain't no honour

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