The Conjuring текст

Welcome to our sanguinary sect of worship Feel at home in our black conventicle As we anathematise All those who oppose us Don't summon the Devil, Don't call the priest If you need the strength, The conjuring, obey! Behold the flames rise From the compass' cardinal points Burn the sacred oil And with the ashes you'll annoint Arrange the symbols Of the wizard, and magician Light the candles, Place the parchment paper in position Between its leaves, Place the lash from a black cat's eye A straw of a broom, Fold, and burn and centralize Don't summon the Devil; Don't call the priest If you need the strength, Then conjure me I am the Devil's advocate, A salesman if you will You know my name, you know my name I met your Father years ago, I gave him what he'd please He called my name, and you'll do the same I'm claiming what is mine by right, It's time to close the deal You're bought and sold, bought and sold Come join me in my infernal depths, Mephisto's hall of fame I've got your soul, I've got your soul The conjuring Obey!

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