Sudden Death текст

His wicked Highness, born from disaster, to dominate and to kill A glistening, murder-machine; false majesty, standing perfectly still A blitzkrieg; raining down evil on a mountain of black ice Like a good ole fashioned beating within Inches of your life Alone and left abandoned with the sentence you've been handed All your angels will ignore you as your life flashes before you Even still you keep on fighting through the thunder and the lightning And now Heaven sends its love your sudden death from above Once frozen like a prisoner depraved, perched high atop the lithospheres Set free from beneath the depths of hell, bequeathing man nothing but despair The beast is genetically programmed, time to destroy, time to go berserk To see the end of all wars, to see the end of the earth Stopping at nothing, punch-drunk from the blood that he's tasted Tearing your soul apart, not one bit of your pain will be wasted Now death descends upon you like a bloody white dove Bringing your retribution, your sudden death from above

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